Tips to Consider when Selecting the Finest Diamond Ring for an Engagement

Ideally diamonds are girl's best friend, yet, only for the high end quality ones. With the fast paced black market industry it is increasingly easy to get coned into purchasing a fake diamond jewelry in the name of the original one. In order to prevent this from spoiling your engagement mood and that of your bride it is equally important to always get your facts right before purchasing your greatest life investment. The following tips will help you get the most classic, timeless and most durable to help you propose.


When choosing a diamond wedding ring among the most key elements to consider is its contour. Diamond jewelry comes in different shapes and even more exciting it is possible to get your own form customized by using the services of professionals. Commonly round diamonds rings are the most preferred rings when it comes to engagements this is because they offer incredible brilliance, light performance, fire and most importantly they are cheaper compared to the other fancy shapes. Learn more about  Mervis , go here. 


Color is a very important quality when determining the quality of a diamond jewelry is concerned. For the untrained eye a white or colorless diamond jewelry, or at least a shade not readily detectable to the eye is one that's mainly advocated. For engagement rings the color of the diamond center should be F-H so as to be able to accentuate its discharge.


For amateurish diamond ring buyers, this significant variable might readily go without being understood despite its weighty significance. A diamond's cut is what determines the brilliance and bright sensation the expensive ring offers. Before buying your expensive gem ensure that the stone has undergone a high grade cut. This can be achieved by passing it through laboratories. You may also check the level of the cut through observation by ensuring that it includes a contour just like that of heats and arrows.


This factor is what is always considered last when purchasing a diamond jewelry. This however is not to mean that it is the least of the other factors. With the assistance of qualified professionals this factor can be used to differentiate an original gem from a fake one. You can also employee the services of Mervis Diamond dealers and enjoy their expertise at an affordable price.


Despite the high cost nature of a diamond gem it is still important to consider cost whenever planning to purchase one. Ensure you compare and contrast costs within the marketplace in order to not spend unnecessarily.